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A space to nourish your Divine Being,
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'Art in all its forms is a love story between the artist and the life force energy, source of all creations.'

Artistic expressions of energies and emotions.

Welcome to Ateliers Zen, a visual, artistic and poetic online universe.

Here you will find my curated art prints and intuitive originals, drawings and paintings that I created along my spiritual & healing journey. You will also find unique handcrafts in limited editions from other artists and small sustainable brands that I have a close relationship to. Almost all art works are "made to order" and all are pieces are printed on sustainable paper.

Ateliers Zen is a mindful and meaningful space for inspiration and co-creation from the heart. A space where artistic energies and emotions meet. I hope this graceful conscious zen universe will resonate with you too.
Much love,
Michèle Gabrielle, Gabi.
Gabi holding the original called Feminine Wave

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A Sacred Space for Divine Nourishment

Here I share for free my daily slow rituals, soft nurturing routines, meditations, slow arts and a sense of Zen Living.