'My art is a subtle poetic movement like a dance on paper.'


Dear ones,
I am Gabi, and I have originally an education in Business, Arts and Fashion Design from France and Denmark. I am a former ballet dancer as well. Born on January 30, 1975, in Lyon, France, I was raised from Italian and French parents.

At the age of 23, I moved to Denmark where I settled to work within Fashion, Design and Lifestyle. Years ago, I decided to live a holistic sustainable heart-centered life. I became an intuitive dancer, yoga and meditation teacher.

As my healing and spiritual journey grew over the years, my art developed as well. The past years, I started to intuitively draw and mostly paint feminine energies, forms, nudes and simple lines.
My art became more and more therapeutic as a I was experiencing a growing physical chronic pain in my body.
My artistic inspiration, I get through traveling, visiting different places, meeting different cultures and people.
I have a pretty simple approach to my art and few techniques; I channel energies, gather inspiration, experiment, and dive deep into my wisdom to create from the heart.
I use a variety of media that includes watercolor, gouache, charcoal, acrylic, oil pastels, pencil, calligraphy etc.
I like to experiment.
...To me art is a dance on paper, a deep rhythm of the soul...

I often channel messages, short texts and poems that go together with my visual creations.
Art is a tool for me to express my awakening, my transformation and my emotions, the 'now and always' in a constant movement!

My approach to art is authentic, true and delicate and, my main mission is to inspire as well as transmute our shadows - mine and the ones from my audience, my tribe into the shining beautiful light.

May 'Ateliers Zen' be a sacred place for you as much as it is for me.
'Mon art est un mouvement sur le papier, subtil, poétique et éternel'
I would like to thank:
My kind & loving soulmate and partner, Mark, for always being by my side, helping me built this artistic universe and so much more.
My kids, Malou & Sebastian for being the greatest teachers of my life.
My beautiful cat Enzo.
And all the souls I met on my way that made this possible - the light and the darker ones; all of them have a gift. Some more disguised than others:)
Much love and light,

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Ateliers Zen, a merging of energies


Ateliers Zen is not only "Gabi", but a divine union between the Feminine and Masculine energies.

My soulmate & husbandMark and I create soulful branding, art prints and poetic photographies together.

From our combined energies, gifts & intentions, we fulfil our soul mission that is to create and live from our hearts and help others do the same.