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About Gabi

Dear ones,
I am Gabi, and I have originally an education in Business, Arts and Fashion Design from France and Denmark. Born on January 30, 1975, in Lyon, France, I was raised from Italian and French parents.
At the age of 23, I moved to Denmark where I settled to work within Fashion, Design and Lifestyle.

A sudden awakening, and a holistic lifestyle,
In 2016, I experienced a sudden kundalini awakening, I could not be the "career woman" I used to be. So I decided to live a slow holistic sustainable heart-centered life. I became a yoga and meditation teacher as well as a sustainable mentor for creatives, small conscious businesses, holistics etc.

Slowly I became a spaceholder for women, arranged small retreats and circles.
My healing and spiritual journey is always evolving, exploring new sides of myself and others, experimenting new aspects of me.

A Slow Way into art and photography,
The past years, I started to draw, paint and photograph.
I draw mostly feminine energies, forms, symbols, simple lines and logos for small businesses and conscious-preneurs. I love what I am creating. And I do it in a consious organic way.

My artistic inspiration, I get through traveling, visiting different places, meeting different cultures and people.
I have a pretty simple approach to my art and few techniques; I channel energies, gather inspiration, experiment, and dive deep into my wisdom to create from the heart.
I use a variety of media that includes watercolor, gouache, charcoal, acrylic, oil pastels, pencil, calligraphy etc.

I love to photograph too. I photograph humans of all kind, mostly women; I love to witness their beauty, and their transformation.

Art in general is a tool for me to express my awakening, my transformation and my emotions, the 'now and always' in a constant movement!
Much love and light,

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About Ateliers Zen

A merging of two energies,
Ateliers Zen is also a slow creative studio and the merging of two energies, Mark and Gabi, husband and wife.

Together, we create sustainable soulful branding, visual identities, photography, and art prints.

We help small conscious businesses, solo-preneurs as well as sustainable startups grow and expand in an organic way.

Ateliers Zen is mostly based in Denmark, Scandinavia, but we work remotely as well. We are what we call "a glocal agency" (local & global).

May 'Ateliers Zen' be a sacred slow nourishing space for you as much as it is for us!

Love and Light,
Mark and Gabi

Mark & Gabi founders of Ateliers Zen walking together during  sunset.