Sustainable, Soulful & Creative Branding

Who is Soulful & Creative Branding for?

Are you a "solo-preneur", a sustainable startup, or do you have a conscious brand or a holistic business?

Would you like a unique, soulful logo, a sustainable brand identity that match perfectly your business energy?
Ateliers Zen co-creates and co-designs it with you!

Empower & unlock your business energy with Soulful & Sustainable Branding

We offer a personal and collaborative way to co-create visual identities. We work closely with you to understand your unique vision & needs. This allows us to create visual identities that are reflective of your unique story and perspective, which can help to create a vibrant and thriving community around your brand.

What we can create with you,

logo for slow beauty holistic brand

Intuitive Logo, Art direction & Complete Visual Identity

We create an intuitive logo based on the energy we channel during the first meeting with you. Your logo is be the main activation of your business’ energy.

Moreover we offer a range of offerings from creative workshop, business mood board, art direction, sustainable business strategy, complete visual identity for both print and digital media.

Slow Photography

We catch your business energy and your soulful moments on camera, as we both are photographers.

Your photos can be used on both your social medias, your website, your online universe, your business card, and much more.

Online universe & Website

Together we create an inspiring moodboard that is the basis of your online universe, webshop, and/or website look & design.

We co-develop your online universe according to your needs.

We design it on easy to use platforms and teach you how to use them. It enables you to maintain and grow it yourself.

Cases we're proud of

Take a look at some of our creations we've co-created with some amazing people.

Meet the team of Ateliers Zen

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Gabi & Mark


What do other people say about creating with us...

"Thank you for your support in my journey of being an holistic soft hearted entrepreneur. It can be tough sometimes in this world. But you have been there for me and I’m so so deeply grateful for that.

Thank you for both our conversations, advices for my business and the hand drawn logo you channeled for me and my business. I love the thought of the unique logo drawing with your hands co-created by our energies.

The way you work is so unique, intuitive, and beautiful and talks to both my heart and my soul"

Let's create magic together


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“We believe in a more sustainable future by working together across communities, cultures and industries. By combining our professional and personal strengths, we create a synergy effect and a long lasting sustainable growth across businesses”

- Ateliers Zen

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