Divine Coaching with Gabi

Meet your Divine Union.
Glow from within.

The Offering

I hold a safe and nourishing space for you to transform, integrate and expand your Love Field.

My approach

My coaching approach is very natural, intuitive, grounded and tantric.

An intimate session

An intimate online session or in-person session we

We meet on Zoom.
Duration: 60 min - sometimes 90 min.

Tools & Rituals

My tools are rituals are various.
I love to work with the 5 elements, ceremonial cacao, matcha, sound, meditation, kundalini yoga & intuitive movements, the Moon cycle, oracle readings, herbs and crystals.

I meet you where you are on your journey and help you expand your “Love field” so you manifest your Divine Union from within and hopefully your soulmate, counterpart in the outer field.

I hold a safe and nourishing space for you to transform, integrate and expand your Love Field.

I help you,

  • Visualize your soulmate within yourself, before you manifest this person in real life.
  • Open your sacred space within yourself so you make “room” for him to enter your life and your home. Act as if he was already there.
  • Work on opening and trusting your chakras even more, balance them, move your energy etc.
  • Stabilize and regulate your body, work with your moon cycles etc.
  • Expand your “LOVE FIELD”.
  • Work on merging the Divine Union within you.
  • Active steps towards your soulmate: listen to your intuition, stay grounded, focus, play it brave and manifest.

make the change
you deserve

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About me

A sudden awakening, and a holistic lifestyle.
In 2017 I experienced a sudden kundalini awakening. I could not be the "career woman" I used to be. So I decided to live a slow holistic sustainable heart-centered life. I became a yoga and meditation teacher as well as a sustainable mentor for creatives, small conscious businesses, artists, holistic therapists etc. Slowly I became a spaceholder for women, a protector of the Divine Feminine, and arranged small retreats and circles. My healing and spiritual journey are always evolving, exploring new sides of myself and others, experimenting new aspects of me.