A transformative journey: More than just a website

It's not just about getting a new website, but about embarking on a transformative and exploratory journey that helps you discover your essence. Take the journey where the creation of your website becomes a catalyst for growth, connection, and success.

What the journey includes

The discovery

  • Initial meeting, ritual & meditation.
  • Creation of mood board.
  • Finding your style & message.
  • Talking through requirements.


  • We design in Figma with check in meetings and revisions.
  • We build your website in Webflow, Squarespace, or Wordpress.
  • We write SEO descriptions so people can find you on Google.
  • We can handle buying domains & settings up hosting + emails.


  • A launching meeting & ritual where we launch the website.

The journey will be tailored to your needs, and we are very flexible in terms of offering advanced features such as: booking system integration, blogging platform, e-commerce stores & much more.

Ready to go on the transformative journey with us?

We offer a free call where you can ask us anything about your branding and design.

Interested in getting started?

Simply drop us an email with your name and what you're looking for.
We will reply back as soon as possible, and look forward to get in touch with you.

Best regards,
Ateliers Zen

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